BootCamp Dublin


19th - 21st

Rapidly learn the skills to CREATE AN EPIC Dating & Relationship Life, by MASTERING social skills, DESTROYING SHYNESS and sparking up intimate conversations and experiences out nothingness during a weekend of Life-Changing IMMERSION!

What you will get from The BootCamp

Most successful and ambitious men have an average dating & relationship life. If not an absolutely TERRIBLE one. But it's evidently not because they're not intelligent. It's not because of who they are as a person. It's simply because they've never developed the skillset of meeting, attracting, qualifying & keeping the right kind of women. This BootCamp gives you the chance to learn this skillset.

Skills that will last a lifetime

You will learn to overcome your approach anxiety, start conversations with beautiful women and move them forward in a win-win fashion. You'll learn how to never get friendzoned or run out of potential dates & relationships ever again.


PURE IMMERSION. During this weekend you'll push yourself beyond what most average men would consider the comfort-zone. You'll discover a whole new side of yourself, the uninhibited, FREE, UNLEASHED & CHARISMATIC version of yourself. And who knows where those nights go...

A Network Of Men Who Have MASTERED Dating

During the BootCamp you will be coached by David and his coaches personally! Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. You already know the power of proximity. It time to start using this "million-dollar principle" to finally get the dating & relationship life you've worked so hard for.

The BootCamp Starts In:


Coaching Client Testimonials

These client success stories relate to David's online coaching program. Nonetheless, they will give you a good idea of what you can expect to gain from working with David. 

Leo (50)

Business Owner

"No one calls me out on my shit. But you, you call me out on my shit. Anyone who wants to be efficient with their time, who wants the most bang for their buck, this is the program!"

Yunis (29)

Customer Service Manager

"To be his (David's) client is an honour, I tell you."

Adam (41)

Software Engineer

"I would honestly recommend this to anybody. I'm divorced, I got three kids. There's a lot of people in my boat."

Gilberto (28)

Technical Program Manager

"Not only are you a great Dating Coach, but you're an exceptional Personal Development Coach as well."




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Here at David Meessen Coaching & Consulting we believe in delivering outstanding client service! We are 100% committed to help you achieve measurable results rapidly, which is what we've been doing successfully for years. We will give you all the strategies you need to be successful as well as have a great time. With that in mind, it's still your responsibility to take action!

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